Water Quality Monitoring 2023

Water Quality Monitoring:-

Water Quality Monitoring plays a very critical role in every pharmaceutical industry. The chemical name for water is H2O, and it is an inorganic substance. It is the primary chemical component of the Earth’s hydrosphere and the fluids of all recognized living things (in which it serves as a solvent). It is transparent, flavorless, odorless, and almost colorless. Even though it doesn’t offer food, energy, or organic micronutrients, it is essential for all known forms of life. Each of its molecules has one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, which are joined by covalent bonds, according to the chemical formula H2O. An angle of 104.45° separates the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom.[2] The liquid form of H2O at standard pressure and temperature is also referred to as “water”.

Water Quality Monitoring

Types of Water

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Sampling & Kit Preparation in Water Quality Monitoring Water Quality Monitoring

Water Sampling Procedure in Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Sample Quantity in Water Quality Monitoring


Microbial Limits

Chemical Limits:-

Water For Injection:-

Purified Water:-

Raw Water:-

Method of Testing:-

Total Viable Aerobic Count by Filtration Method:

Raw Water & Purified Water:-:-

Water for Injection:-

Pour Plate Method:-

Method of Calculation:-

Pathogen Testing:-

Enrichment of Sample:-

Escherichia Coli:-

Media Control Test:-

Confirmatory Test:-


Confirmatory Test:-


Confirmatory Test:-

Staphylococcus :-

Bile-tolerant Gram negative Bacterial:-



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