History of Microbiology 2023

History of Microbiology & Scope of Microbiology is the study of many categories of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and protozoa, is the focus of the scientific field of microbiology. In addition, it contains elements that are sometimes regarded as non-living, such as viruses and acellular components. The field of microbiology focuses on understanding how microorganisms live and work, as well as how they interact with other creatures such as plants and animals.

Greek terms micros (small), bios (life), and logos (science) were used to create the term “microbiology.” By virtue of its name, microbiology refers to microorganisms that are invisible to the unaided sight. But other microbes, such filamentous algae, moulds that grow on bread, mushrooms, and some bacteria, can be seen with the unaided eye.

The field of microbiology studies the interactions between bacteria and non-microbe life. The range of it includes.

Introduction of Microbiology History of Microbiology History of Microbiology History of Microbiology

History of Microbiology

Sources of Contamination in Aseptic Area

Flow Chart of Microbial Analysis:

Flow Chart of Growth Promotion Test:-


Flow Chart for use of Bio Ball Culture:-

Flow Chart of Sterility Test:

Environmental Monitoring

History of Microbiology

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